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From Jérôme Lacoste <>
Subject ant.bat fails due to space in JAVA_HOME
Date Fri, 25 May 2001 12:51:54 GMT
Ant.bat fails when JAVA_HOME contains a space.

My JDK is installed in C:\Program Files\JavaSoft\JRE\1.3
I am running Ant 1.3, under Win NT4 or Win 2k.

The problem comes from the line 61 in ant.bat:

	if "%JAVA_HOME%" == "" goto noJavaHome

Then my output is
Files\JavaSoft\JRE\1.3" was unexpected at this time.

My solution was to share the Java install directory and map a new drive
letter to it, so I don't have to touch the ant.bat file.

I've looked in the Mail Archives but coulnd't find any previous. I am a
little bit confused because it seems that this problem should have been
detected before.
The Apache Bug Database (which I find not easy to use - too many parameters)
gave no result with JAVA_HOME used as query word, and Ant 1.3 the searched
program and version.

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