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From Rajkumar Seth <>
Subject RE: calling dos start
Date Tue, 22 May 2001 11:54:21 GMT
Runtime exec depends on the OS  to locate, load and start the required
If the program annot be found or the Os does nto have enough resources to
the program, or the application is already open, or the program is open and
the OS may not be able to create a process hence the error thrown.

There are some common mistakes...

To get a full (long) listing of files in the current directory. But getting
a listing
in this way highlights a fundamental weakness of using Runtime.exec --
the programs you invoke aren't necessarily portable. That is,
Runtime.exec is portable, and exists across different Java
implementations, but the invoked programs are not. There's no program
named "ls" on Windows systems. Suppose that you're running Windows NT
and you decide to remedy this problem by saying: 

runCommand("dir"); <P>

Where "dir" is the equivalent command to "ls". This doesn't work,
because "dir" is not an executable program. Instead it is built into
the shell (command interpreter) CMD.EXE. So you need to say:
runCommand("cmd c dir") where "cmd /c command" says "invoke a shell and
execute the single specified command and then exit." Similarly, for a
UNIX shell like the Korn shell, you might say: runCommand("ksh -c
alias") where "alias" is a command built into the shell. The output in
this case is a list of all your shell aliases.

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From: Boris Garbuzov []
Sent: 2001 May 18 06:38
Subject: Re: calling dos start

I also have this problem. And I had it before ant sometimes in stand-alone
applications saying
Try it in this simple mode first. But I would be curious to hear from
specialists why java sometimes can not create runtime process. What it


Ivan Novick wrote:

> Hi all,
> I would like to write some code in an ant file to run the following
> on dos
> start java ${serverclass}
> This was my attempt:
> <target name="server">
>       <exec dir="${src}" executable="start">
>            <arg value="java ${serverclass}"/>
>       </exec>
> </target>
> The error message I get is:
> Create process: start "java HelloServer" error=2
> Does any one know how to write code to execute the command above?  Thank
> for any input or ideas.
> Ivan

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