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From "Jon Skeet" <>
Subject RE: How to update a jar?
Date Thu, 10 May 2001 07:44:18 GMT
> Jon Skeet <> wrote:
> > Eek - I didn't realise the jar task just used jar itself. I'd have
> > thought it would all be coded up. I'll have to investigate further.
> It is all coded up, using classes in Ant 1.3 and using a
> new package in Ant 1.4alpha.

Okay, that presumably makes it a right royal pain to attempt to write a
patch to allow this (as a newbie when it comes to Ant development). It
strikes me it would be useful to allow this for zip as well as jar, by
way. There is one slight wrinkle, however: with the jar version I
you'd want to exclude the original manifest from the list of files being
added. (I don't know whether the jar tool itself preserves any
manifest lines when it updates things - this would be another thing I'd
want to look into.)

I'm quite happy to have a look at all this, but could do with some
first from those with more Ant development experience. Is there an easy
to effectively code up the bit of Ant XML within the zip (or jar) task,
would I be better off using the Java IO libraries directly for the

Oh, and at what stage is this discussion best moved to the Dev list?


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