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From "Duffy, Erin" <>
Subject C++
Date Thu, 03 May 2001 21:10:57 GMT
Hi all,
  I've been researching Ant for the past couple of weeks, as we'd like to
start using it as our build tool.  While I have gotten it to work for most
things very nicely for our mostly Java and J2EE project, I still have some
questions about how to get Ant to play nicely with C++.  I realize that
there isn't currently a released version of a C/C++ compilation task out
there, but I'm wondering if anyone has written one or would be willing to
suggest ideas.   This may be a sticking point in getting our team to use
Ant, as a small part of our server code is in C++.  And, I would really like
to use Ant as it would greatly help us with compiling and jar-ing our
EJBs...the ejbjar task is especially nice.   
   Anyway, I've been able to do simple C++ compilation using the <apply>
task, following the example in the documentation for this pretty closely.
However, I don't think that that approach would fulfill all our needs for
C++.  For example, this approach doesn't recognize the need to recompile a
.cc file is an included .h file has changed.  In fact, this is a limitation
of the cc compiler, and to get around it in our current system, we've had to
have an intermediate step in our makefile structure to procuce a
corresponding .d file that lists dependencies for each .cc file.  These
dependencies are then checked for the corresponding .o files.  Anyway, I
don't see a way to get that kind of dependency checknig out of the apply
task, I would really need some sort of C++ compilation task to be able to do
that.  But, before I even think about writing my own, I wanted to know if
there are any already out there.

  Erin Duffy

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