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From Weiqi Gao <>
Subject RE: Ant not compiling all it should
Date Wed, 09 May 2001 00:21:39 GMT
On 08 May 2001 16:00:13 -0400, Andrew Hunt wrote:
> I'm almost ready to go back and suffer with make...(!)

Before you do, why don't you try my 10 point shot-in-the-dark diagnostic
procedure?  Run your thing after each step until you run out of

>From an email I wrote a long time ago:
> I don't know what went wrong because what you
> described seem to indicate that you are doing all
> the right things.
> So it must be something you did not describe that's
> causing the error.  It may be something totally
> unrelated that's causing the problem.  Try:
> 1. unset your CLASSPATH;
> 2. remove all the *.class in your source tree;
> 3. tar up your source tree and try compiling it on a
> different OS (it shouldn't matter, right?);
> 4. Is your $LD_LIBRARY_PATH clean of any other
> versions of the JDK?
> 5. Do you know how many files the javac process is
> opening simutaneously and is it over the max?
> 6. What does `which java` say?
> 7. How about running javac_g instead of javac?
> 8. Run javac under truss or strace or equivelent and
> see what happens;
> 9. Pass the -verbose flag to the JVM that javac
> invokes during compilation and see what happens;
> 10. Do all of the above all at once and email the
> output to list.
> I'm sure none of these solves your problem.  But...

Weiqi Gao

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