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Subject Ignoring failure
Date Thu, 24 May 2001 12:58:35 GMT

So I have gathered that a handful of tasks now have a 'failonerror' attribute,
so one can dictate whether certain types of errors should be considered fatal
--- but the <ant> task does not appear to be among them.

Could I nominate this as a feature request for a future release of ant?  Our
technology integration folks want the build tool to attempt to build everything,
no matter what, so right now we're doing a 'find . -name build.xml' on our
source tree, and then feeding each build.xml to ant one at a time.  Not the best
way to run a railroad.

At first I thought that the 'failonerror' attribute in the <javac> task would
solve all our problems --- and it goes a long way toward that goal --- but the
build is still ending prematurely if an <ant> subtask fails for some reason (a
build file doesn't exist where it should, for example).

Just a thought,


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