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From Mark Hewitt <>
Subject RE: How to include a variable in !ENTITY tag?
Date Fri, 11 May 2001 15:04:38 GMT
This is the DTD and cannot include such
platform local information as environment
variables.  W3C would have a fit!


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From: Keith Kee []
Sent: 16 April 2001 17:23
Subject: How to include a variable in !ENTITY tag?

  I am new to ant, and is thinking of migrating from GNUMake environment. It
looks like it is possible to migrating from the current GNUmake environment
except one major problem: I cannot specify an environment variable to the
ENTITY tag like this.
  <!DOCTYPE project [
      <!ENTITY include SYSTEM "${CONFIG_DIR}/common.xml">

  Can somebody point out if this is possible, or if there is a viable
workaround? I search the mailing archive and FAQ with no avail.


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