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From Pawan Kumar Katharikuppam <>
Subject Echo should happen only once
Date Fri, 04 May 2001 10:42:58 GMT

After a task is executed I always have a 'echo' task which prints a message
that the task is successful. Later when other tasks which depend this task
are executed, the message in the former task is echoed again. For example,
if I have two targets one for compilation, and another a jar file creation
target that depends on the compilation target. In the compilation target,
after I call 'javac' task, I print a message saying that the compilation was
successful. Now, when the jar file creation target is executed after the
compilation target, the control again goes to the compilation target and
then it prints the message again that the compilation was successful. Is
there a simple way by which I can avoid these repeated echoes?

Thanks in advance.

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