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From Jim Cheesman <>
Subject Re: Jar file loading
Date Wed, 23 May 2001 14:19:55 GMT
At 04:00 PM 23/05/01, you wrote:
>Actually because of Windows.

Ah.... should have guessed!  Further testing revealed that it didn't happen 
on the Aix box we have here, although there was a different problem there, 
which further adds to the confusion ;) On Aix, the classes are loaded 
preferentially from the classpath, and then from ANT_HOME/lib, while on 
Win2000 it's the other way round.
I spent hours tracing down why I was getting a deprecated warning for 
org.xml.sax.Parser on Aix but not on my desktop machine: Win2000 was 
loading parser.jar_ from lib, Aix was loading xerces.jar from my classpath, 
and ignoring parser.jar in lib.

Still, if anyone needs a couple of utilities to trace down where a class is 
being loaded from, I'm happy to share. (One's even defined as an ant task! ;)

Something to take note of for those of us using more than one 
environment.... What can I expect to see if I move over to linux, for example?



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