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Subject [Ant user] Using HTML for a project file?
Date Mon, 07 May 2001 18:43:28 GMT
I've done a little experimentation, but its a little aquard.

I want to create a sort of interface for ant in html. My initial test was to 
use links, to run a script that would run ant in the project directory, but 
in IE every time you click on it, it asks if you want to run the file or not, 
and I have no idea if Netscape would do the same thing or not, but it is kind 
of anoying having to answer yes everytime you want to build the file. So 
obviously there is security issue with doing that, I also tried to just 
having it point to directory where the scipts are located, and created 
another frame that points to the source directory. I am not sure how usefull 
it would be to be able to use HTML as an interface for a project, but it just 
seems interested. Now I have not done a lot of HTML programming for a long 
time and at the time I learned it javascript was rare so I didnt learn it 
back then, now so I am unsure if there is much to be done, what extent an 
HTML document can have as a project manager...

...But I am curious what others think, and their experience and knowledge of 
HTML, in using it this way for managing ant projects, or in the very least, 
using Ant as a form of cgi program, that would generate output so I can view 
the log in HTML. I'm not sure if any of this will work out, but I find it 

Leyland Needham

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