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From Clare Sun <>
Subject Problem when using "jlink mergefiles" + "exec"
Date Thu, 31 May 2001 20:25:49 GMT
I was trying to using "jlink mergefiles" to merge 5 jar files, while as
"jlink" ignores META-INF directories in mergefiles, I have to using
"exec" to include  "META-INF/*.*" files into
that merged jar file, the actural code are as below:

<jlink compress="true" outfile="${dist.dir}/RTApp.jar" >
  <pathelement path="${dist.dir}/jmsEngine.jar" />
 <pathelement path="${basedir}/lib/crimson.jar" />
 <pathelement path="${basedir}/lib/jaxp.jar" />
 <pathelement path="${basedir}/lib/xalan.jar" />
 <pathelement path="${basedir}/lib/xerces.jar" />

<exec dir="${dist.dir}" executable="jar" >
  <arg line="uf RTApp.jar Meta-inf" />
I got the following exception:
        [jlink] linking:
        [exec] duplicate entry: org/.

There is no this exception if only using "mergefiles", but, how I can
add "/META-INF/*.*"
into merged jar file??

Is there anybody can help me to solve this problem?  Thanks in advance!

Exchange Solutions. Inc

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