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From "Larry V. Streepy, Jr." <>
Subject Re: simpel javadoc question
Date Wed, 30 May 2001 15:51:03 GMT
You have to specify one of either the "packagenames" or "sourcefiles"
attribute on the javadoc task.  Since you have no packages, you should
specify the source files you want processed.

Pinar Bicioglu wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have the javadoc target below in mu build.xml file. Since my project was
> pretty simple I didn't use any java packages in it. Therefore I didn't
> include the "packagenames" attribute in javadoc task.
> And I am getting 1 error message when i run "ant javadoc" in the command
> line
> Any ideas why it happens ?
> Thanks in advance
> code:
> <target name="javadoc" depends="compile">
>     <javadoc sourcepath="d:/ap20/java/org/apache/struts/form"
>             destdir="${javadoc.home}"
>           />
> </target>
> error message:
> Buildfile: build.xml
> prepare:
> compile:
> javadoc:
>   [javadoc] Generating Javadoc
>   [javadoc] Javadoc execution
>   [javadoc] javadoc: No packages or classes specified.
>   [javadoc] usage: javadoc [options] [packagenames] [sourcefiles]
> [classnames] [@files]
>   [javadoc] -overview <file>          Read overview documentation from HTML
> file
>   [javadoc] -public                   Show only public classes and members
>   [javadoc] -protected                Show protected/public classes and
> members (default)
>   [javadoc] -package                  Show package/protected/public classes
> and members
>   [javadoc] -private                  Show all classes and members
>   [javadoc] -help                     Display command line options
>   [javadoc] -doclet <class>           Generate output via alternate doclet
>   [javadoc] -docletpath <path>        Specify where to find doclet class
> files
>   [javadoc] -1.1                      Generate output using JDK 1.1
> emulating doclet
>   [javadoc] -sourcepath <pathlist>    Specify where to find source files
>   [javadoc] -classpath <pathlist>     Specify where to find user class files
>   [javadoc] -bootclasspath <pathlist> Override location of class files
> loaded
>   [javadoc]                       by the bootstrap class loader
>   [javadoc] -extdirs <dirlist>        Override location of installed
> extensions
>   [javadoc] -verbose                  Output messages about what Javadoc is
> doing
>   [javadoc] -locale <name>            Locale to be used, e.g. en_US or
> en_US_WIN
>   [javadoc] -encoding <name>          Source file encoding name
>   [javadoc] -J<flag>                  Pass <flag> directly to the runtime
> system
>   [javadoc]
>   [javadoc] Provided by Standard doclet:
>   [javadoc] -d <directory>            Destination directory for output files
>   [javadoc] -use                      Create class and package usage pages
>   [javadoc] -version                  Include @version paragraphs
>   [javadoc] -author                   Include @author paragraphs
>   [javadoc] -splitindex               Split index into one file per letter
>   [javadoc] -windowtitle <text>       Browser window title for the
> documenation
>   [javadoc] -doctitle <html-code>     Include title for the package
> index(first) page
>   [javadoc] -header <html-code>       Include header text for each page
>   [javadoc] -footer <html-code>       Include footer text for each page
>   [javadoc] -bottom <html-code>       Include bottom text for each page
>   [javadoc] -link <url>               Create links to javadoc output at
> <url>
>   [javadoc] -linkoffline <url> <url2> Link to docs at <url> using package
> list at <url2>
>   [javadoc] -group <name> <p1>:<p2>.. Group specified packages together
> overview page
>   [javadoc] -nodeprecated             Do not include @deprecated information
>   [javadoc] -nodeprecatedlist         Do not generate deprecated list
>   [javadoc] -notree                   Do not generate class hierarchy
>   [javadoc] -noindex                  Do not generate index
>   [javadoc] -nohelp                   Do not generate help link
>   [javadoc] -nonavbar                 Do not generate navigation bar
>   [javadoc] -serialwarn               Generate warning about @serial tag
>   [javadoc] -charset <charset>        Charset for cross-platform viewing of
> generated docu
> mentation.
>   [javadoc] 1 error
> Total time: 3 seconds
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