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From David Goodenough <>
Subject Re: Yet again!!!! *&^%$#"! "Couldnt find classic compi ler"
Date Tue, 22 May 2001 11:35:45 GMT
Stefan Bodewig wrote:

> David Goodenough <> wrote:
> > I think that there is a more deap seated problem, especially with
> > the IBM 1.3 JDK.
> I've been running IBM's JDK 1.3 on Linux for many months without ever
> having any problems - it uses the modern compiler.
> > The only way I could get the Ant build process to find the modern
> > compiler, was to move tools.jar into jre/lib/ext which should not be
> > necessary.
> Right, it shouldn't - and I didn't have to do this.
> I have ANT_HOME and JAVA_HOME set and a completely empty CLASSPATH, as
> well as nothing in JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/ext.
> > The only difference that I can see, and I have yet to pour over a
> > debug trace, is that Ant has its own class loader.
> Ant uses the system classloader when it searches for the compiler,
> this cannot be the reason.
> Stefan

I also have ANT_HOME and JAVA_HOME set, and no external CLASSPATH.  I
have seen reports of people who are doing this successfully, but none who
building directly from CVS (I get this error when doing the boostrap
build).  All the
people who responded when I asked if there was a problem seemed to be
a prebuilt Ant RPM from the end of last year.

I do not think this is IBM JDK level specific, but for the record I have
hit this with
both SR6 and SR7.  I am running on what was, many moons ago, a Redhat 6.2

system, but has been upgraded with 2.2.16 (I will shortly be going
2.2.19) and
a bunch of other upgrades including KDE 2.1.1.

What do you suggest as the best way to track down this problem?



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