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From David Goodenough <>
Subject Re: Yet again!!!! *&^%$#"! "Couldnt find classic compi ler"
Date Tue, 22 May 2001 07:53:37 GMT
Stefan Bodewig wrote:

> Ben,
> calm down a little, please - and help me create the missing FAQ entry
> with your help.  It usually boils down to one of the reasons you've
> already checked.
> The compiler detection code tries to load, which
> is part of in Sun's JDK 1.1 and tools.jar in later JDKs.
> Ben Hutchison <> wrote:
> > Yes, my JAVA_HOME is set correctly...
> Could you give us some details here, please.  Which OS, what does your
> JAVA_HOME point to ...
> > Yes, tools.jar is in my classpath...
> Not necessary if you start Ant using the ant or ant.bat scripts. As
> long as tools.jar is in JAVA_HOME/lib/tools.jar the script will pick
> it up automatically.
> > Yes, Im using a standard Sun 1.3 distribution...
> In which case Ant would first try to use the "modern" compiler
>  It doesn't seem to find this either.
> > No, I dont have ant.jar in my lib/ext/ directory...
> fine, and nowhere else in your CLASSPATH, right?
> > and finally,
> > No, it still not working.
> Bad.
> Which version of Ant are you using?
> Are you sure that the java executable you invoke (when you type java
> on the command line) is the same one as the one in JAVA_HOME/bin?
> The "cannot find classic compiler" message will appear if you are
> running Kaffee (which you'll find as /usr/bin/java on many Linux
> systems) - and I've heard rumors that one can sometimes find a
> JAVA.EXE in the Windows system directory (and this one is not related
> to the VM you've just installed).
> Stefan

I think that there is a more deap seated problem, especially with the
IBM 1.3 JDK.  The only way I could get the Ant build process to find
the modern compiler, was to move tools.jar into jre/lib/ext which should
not be necessary.  I was using exactly the same classpath as a test
program which could find the class (and I added an <echo> to test this
in the build script).  The only difference that I can see, and I have yet

to pour over a debug trace, is that Ant has its own class loader.

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