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From M Nair <>
Subject Another newbie question
Date Tue, 15 May 2001 16:39:05 GMT

Currently using make I do the following. Can someone help me to
accomplish the same using ANT?

(a) RunUtil `ls com/abccorp/myproj/*.class`
What I am trying to do here is to execute the RunUtil program for all
the files with the .class extension in the com/abccorp/myproj directory.
How is the same possible using ANT? This script will also be run on an
NT environment.

(b) for i in `cat myfiles.txt` ; do \
    RunAnotherUtil $$i ; \
    done ;
    Here, I am trying to run the RunAnotherUtil program for all records
in the myfiles.txt file.

(c) Register -a `ls com/abccorp/myproj/*/*.class | sed -e "s/\//./g" -e
Here, I am running the register utility on all the files with the .class
extension with the /'s replaced with '.' and the .class at the end gets
replaces with ''.

All the above scripts currently run well within 'make' running on a
Solaris environment. How can the same be modified so as to run on an NT

any help would be appreciated.


Manoj Nair

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