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From Jim Doyle <>
Subject Re: CVS commands...
Date Mon, 14 May 2001 15:53:34 GMT
	We're generating nightly/weekly ChangeLogs from cvs commit messages
during our Ant build, using the cvs2cl package from red-bean.  Release
notes docs
should work the same way.
See for cvs2cl (it's a Perl script). 
The script
talks directly to CVS and combines cvs messages for files that were
in at the same time.

	I attached our ant build file which generates the ChangeLogs, styles
using XSL, and posts them to our webserver.  Sorry it's long, but there
are only a couple relevant targets: the doc.logs target
and its sub-target, changelog, are the ones that run cvs2cl and style
the results.
I've also attached our stylesheet.  Note that the ant target expects
the "cvsroot" property to be set, as well as "build.branchname", which
gets stamped on the generated docs.

	Note that the target is not exactly platform-independent.  If I
were to run it on Windows, I would have to make the executable be the
interpreter rather than the script.  Maybe it'd be worthwhile to write a 
cvs2cl task.

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