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From Son of Mojo JoJo <>
Subject Problems with Basedir override and/or the cvs call
Date Thu, 10 May 2001 00:45:49 GMT
The problem im having is this i DO NOT SET basedir anywhere so that i can kick
off the build from a file in the /Project dir and have it make calls to
/Build/build.xml which has generic rules.. one of the rules is to update the
build number then commit it.

so when i try and override the basedir (which isnt specifically set) so that the
commit will occur in the correct directory i get an override error:

[property] Override ignored for basedir

i either need to be able to set basdir to the location where the file i am
trying to commit is, or pass a directory to cvs that tells it where to try and
run its command

which way is apropriate and is either possible?

i need to be able to commit the build number from within ant

ook ook im a monkeeeey wheeeeeeee!

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