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From David Goodenough <>
Subject Re: Using Ant with IBM Java 1.3
Date Wed, 09 May 2001 21:17:14 GMT
David Goodenough wrote:

> Hi,
> I have read my way through the archives, and noticed that many
> questions have been raised about using Ant with IBM's Java
> 1.3.  I have looked at the CLASSPATH etc and I am sure that
> Ant should be finding the right tools.jar and that inside this
> jar is the right class, but still it does
> not work.  I am running under Linux by the way.
> Now I so have many Java JVMs installed on my machine, but
> none of them are actually in the regular paths, and there is
> no exported CLASSPATH there by default.
> I set JAVA_HOME to point to the root of the JDK:-
> /opt/IBMJava2-13
> and correctly finds tools.jar in lib.
> When I run bootstrap to try to compile Ant (from CVS) it
> goes through the compile of the basic Ant classes, but then
> when it runs the generated Ant with build.xml it complains
> that it can not use modern as it can not find it and so it
> trys to use classic and fails on that too.
> Anyone got any ideas?
> Tnanks in advance
> David

Well I have done some more experiments, and what I have found
is that Ant works IFF tools.jar is copied into the jre lib/ext
This suggests that either the security policies are different or the
AntClassLoader is somehow interacting oddly with the compiler
class.  Anyone got any ideas?

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