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From Jim Doyle <>
Subject Re: Custom WLUnit task
Date Wed, 09 May 2001 17:28:40 GMT
Just wanted to comment that after searching ant-user with
"junit weblogic", I noticed a thread I didn't notice before:

"<wlrun> and j2eeunit", started by Michael Fortson, and where Alden
from ThoughtWorks contributed his version of the wlrun task and a new
sleep task, and Michael contributed a new waitforlogevent task.  These
are another way to handle unit-testing EJBs in the server from a single
Ant build.  

I think the pros of this approach are that it simply modifies an
existing wlrun task and lets you test with any tasks you need, and that
it can wait for that "Weblogic Server started" message before
proceeding.  The cons are that it requires an extra thread and the
dependencies between the steps are implicit and loose (relying on
sleeping and never explicitly joining the server process.)

Jim Doyle

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