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From David Goodenough <>
Subject Using Ant with IBM Java 1.3
Date Sat, 05 May 2001 18:56:50 GMT

I have read my way through the archives, and noticed that many
questions have been raised about using Ant with IBM's Java
1.3.  I have looked at the CLASSPATH etc and I am sure that
Ant should be finding the right tools.jar and that inside this
jar is the right class, but still it does
not work.  I am running under Linux by the way.

Now I so have many Java JVMs installed on my machine, but
none of them are actually in the regular paths, and there is
no exported CLASSPATH there by default.

I set JAVA_HOME to point to the root of the JDK:-


and correctly finds tools.jar in lib.

When I run bootstrap to try to compile Ant (from CVS) it
goes through the compile of the basic Ant classes, but then
when it runs the generated Ant with build.xml it complains
that it can not use modern as it can not find it and so it
trys to use classic and fails on that too.

Anyone got any ideas?

Tnanks in advance


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