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From Michael Twomey <>
Subject Re: Task for collecting code metrics
Date Wed, 02 May 2001 09:13:48 GMT
Hmm, I've never had problems with CCCC but then again I've never tried
it on any really large system. I noticed on its sourceforge page that
there are a few bugs logged against certain structures in code which
cause it to throw a wobbler so I'm guessing you've managed to stumble
over one of those.

I just compiled it out of the box and it worked fine for me.

This could easily get off topic so all I can say is that it works for me
but I guess mileage will vary depending on how you structure your code.


Stefan Bodewig wrote:
> Johannes Brodwall <> wrote:
> > I managed to compile CCCC, but when I tried running it, it got very
> > upset at practically all my files.
> I had some strange problems as well (I think related to inner or
> package private classes).  CCCC is open source, so ... I know, I
> didn't have the time to brush up my C++ either 8-).
> > I couldn't find the Alexandria project from the Jakarta main page.
> There now is a link to it.
> Stefan

Michael Twomey
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