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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: Property use in non-attibutes
Date Wed, 30 May 2001 02:48:51 GMT
At 03:30 PM 5/29/01 +0100, wrote:
>Is there any way to make property references work in a non-attribute way.
>In the following task I have the command.text property which comes out fine
>in the echo task since it is part of the message attribute of echo.  But
>further down in the telnet task it is used again as the value of a write
>element.  Trouble is it comes out as "${command.text}" and not "ls".  Help
>would be appreciated.

I wanted to change this ages ago but currently it is not possible. You may
be able to make changes to local ant convince everyone that it is a good
idea of content of elements also has ${}'s expanded.

>From Memory you need to go to ProjectHelper.addText() and add an extra line
before it calls introspection helper to do something like.

String newValue = replaceProperties( project, oldValue );

good luck.



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