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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: Override Basedir
Date Thu, 10 May 2001 23:05:39 GMT
I think it also should be pointed out that practically the only way to
overide it is by specifying the property overide on commandline or in ant task


ant -Dproject.basedir=/dome/dir

At 03:11  10/5/01 -0700, Diane Holt wrote:
>>>From the user manual:
> The base directory from which all path calculations are done.
> This attribute might be overridden by setting the "basedir" property
> beforehand. When this is done, it must be omitted in the project tag.
> If neither the attribute nor the property have been set, the parent
> directory of the buildfile will be used. 
>In other words, you can do one of:
>  - Not include a "basedir" attribute in your <project> tag and
>    define the value of "basedir" instead at run-time,
>  - Include a "basedir" attribute in your <project> tag that specifies
>    the value, or
>  - Neither include a "basedir" attribute nor define a value for it
>    at run-time and just let Ant define it to be the same directory
>    the build-file lives in.
>However, unlike other properties that be can overridden using the
><antcall> task's <param> tag, once "basedir" is set, it can't be
>overridden except when you use the <ant> task -- and the override isn't
>done by specifying a nested <property> tag for it, but rather by
>specifying the "dir" attribute of the <ant> task.
>Hope this helps,
>--- Son of Mojo JoJo <> wrote:
>> i'v e tried to get basedir to override it will not
>> can anybody help me with this?
>> it is very imporntant that i can set the basedir to diffrent locations
>> for my
>> installer architechture
>> to clear the air i AM NOT setting basdir in the project variable so by
>> the
>> doccumentation i should be able to override it, but i always get the
>> [property]
>> Override ignored for basedir no matter what i try
>> any thoughts suggestions solutions?
>> --
>> -Raphael
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