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From Peter Donald <>
Subject RE: same old question(slightly long)
Date Wed, 02 May 2001 00:44:23 GMT
>well so i wasnt clear :-) 


>thats the way i have it  
>and in ANT  
><replace file="" token="which" value="${ver}"/> 
>and i use the commandline to pass the value of ver as wither nightly or 2.1 
>But the prb is: 
>If i replace my manifest with a token either which or @@version@@ or
whatever else, 
>at the time of release I wont remember the correct version number to
>Its not just one jar file, there are many jar files and I dont want to
remember all version numbers for all jar files. 

do you mean once you replace it then you will not know what to use to do
successive replaces?

Thats why I put in the copy task. First you copy it to a new file and then do the replace on that file instead. 

Did I get it right this time? ;)



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