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From David Scassa <>
Subject RE: Javadoc
Date Tue, 08 May 2001 23:08:03 GMT
Woohoo! I think this is one I can help on!! This works for me and it
actually builds the entire project with all subsequent packages.


See attached snippet:

<target name="javadoc_public" depends="init"> 
<javadoc sourcepath="${sourceDir}" packagenames="com.*" destdir="${pubDir}"
private="false" version="false" author="false"
overview="externalOverview.html" use="" doctitle="Server v1.0 API
Specification" windowtitle="Blah v1.0" header="Blah v1.0" bottom="Copyright
(C) 2000-2001 BlahSoftware Corporation. All Rights Reserved."/>

set your source directory property in the "init" target.
<property name="sourceDir" value="src"/>  <!- src =
"./your/source/tree/root" ->

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From: Ventimiglia, David []
Sent: Tuesday, May 08, 2001 10:08 AM
To: ''
Subject: Javadoc


How do I use the <javadoc> task to generate docs for all packages under a
given root directory?  The task takes either a packagenames attribute, which
accepts wildcards, or a sourcefiles attribute, which doesn't accept
wildcards.  The wildcard support in the packagenames attribute seems to only
find Java class files in directories corresponding to the leaf element in
the packagename, right before the "terminating wildcard".  This suggests
that, to generate docs for a whole project, one must list all of its
constituent packages, and that it's not possible to specify only a root

That is, if my project looks like this:


Then this works:


But this doesn't:


Is there a way to achieve this?


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