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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Re: Ant Versioning
Date Thu, 24 May 2001 23:51:48 GMT
--- "O'Hara, Patrick" <> wrote:
> I have gotten the latest and greatest Version of ant from the site
> (1.3).  I am noticing that some things have to change in my build.xml.
> I am wondering if ant has a requires type command like perl. This works
> by saying something like "requires 1.3;".  In ant it might look 
> something like <requires version="1.3">.  The result would be that ant
> would not run on the build.xml unless it's version was 1.3 or greater.

I'd been looking for a little functionality I could use to write my first
task for (someone beat me to <cat> -- except they named it something a lot
longer), so...  Here's <requires> :)

I'm a Java neophyte, so if it's not as slick as it could be, please be
kind :)  It's also probably obsolescing even as we speak, since I think I
remember something in the Ant2 discussions about changing the way the
version stuff was done, but oh well, at least it'll be usable for a little



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