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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Re: how to get the full list of ANT built-in properties
Date Fri, 11 May 2001 16:58:03 GMT
--- wrote:
> Hello,
> I see that Diane very abily answered this question back on 20 April but 
> my question is, beyond being in know as a developer, how would you go 
> about determing this stuff?  
> I think I may have just answered my question though by coding up her 
> lil' no op example and run it with -debug.  That is how one would see 
> what is available on their system, yes?  
> Any other way?  Perhaps something like <echo message="${env}" />

If you also want to see your environment vars, change the little noop file
to instead do:

<project default="showenv">
  <target name="showenv">
    <property environment="env"/>

then run 'ant -debug'. If you just want the list of props and env vars
(and assuming you're on a *nix box), pipe the output and pretty it up:
[binky:dianeh]: ant -debug -f noop.xml | grep "^Setting project property:"
| cut -d' ' -f4 | pr -2 -t

If you want to see the values as well, change the -f4 to -f4- and don't do
the 'pr' (lines will be too long to columnize). (And if you think the "->"
makes the output look too busy, sed it to an "=" :)



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