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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Re: Override Basedir
Date Thu, 10 May 2001 22:11:19 GMT
>From the user manual:

 The base directory from which all path calculations are done.
 This attribute might be overridden by setting the "basedir" property
 beforehand. When this is done, it must be omitted in the project tag.
 If neither the attribute nor the property have been set, the parent
 directory of the buildfile will be used. 

In other words, you can do one of:
  - Not include a "basedir" attribute in your <project> tag and
    define the value of "basedir" instead at run-time,
  - Include a "basedir" attribute in your <project> tag that specifies
    the value, or
  - Neither include a "basedir" attribute nor define a value for it
    at run-time and just let Ant define it to be the same directory
    the build-file lives in.

However, unlike other properties that be can overridden using the
<antcall> task's <param> tag, once "basedir" is set, it can't be
overridden except when you use the <ant> task -- and the override isn't
done by specifying a nested <property> tag for it, but rather by
specifying the "dir" attribute of the <ant> task.

Hope this helps,

--- Son of Mojo JoJo <> wrote:
> i'v e tried to get basedir to override it will not
> can anybody help me with this?
> it is very imporntant that i can set the basedir to diffrent locations
> for my
> installer architechture
> to clear the air i AM NOT setting basdir in the project variable so by
> the
> doccumentation i should be able to override it, but i always get the
> [property]
> Override ignored for basedir no matter what i try
> any thoughts suggestions solutions?
> --
> -Raphael
> ******************
> ook ook im a monkeeeey wheeeeeeee!
>              ********************


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