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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Re: Ant and Conditional Expressions1
Date Fri, 04 May 2001 06:08:34 GMT
--- Adam Flegman <> wrote:
> Thanks for the idea. Its a pity that something simple like and if
> expression isnt part of the standard ant control flow.

An if-expression is -- just not a test-for-equality. It will likely become
available with Ant2, though.
> The source code might come in handy if it is easy enough to find.

and follow the instructions for pulling the source from CVS (module name
is jakarta-ant).

> Is there a tool that you can call to dynamically check the current
> running environment and list out all the param value pairs? Such a tool
> would greatly aid in debugging.

I don't know of one, but there's the -debug flag. You'll get substantially
more than just the name-value pairs, so you'll probably want to redirect
the output to a file (you can use -logfile <outfile>, or just do a
redirect). And note: You'll only get the properties that have actually
been set, so any properties you have defined inside targets that you don't
execute won't be included.



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