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From "Vincent Massol" <>
Subject Re: Custom WLUnit task
Date Wed, 09 May 2001 16:09:52 GMT
Hi Jim,

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From: "Jim Doyle" <>
To: "Ant User" <>
Sent: Wednesday, May 09, 2001 3:10 PM
Subject: Re: Custom WLUnit task

> Hi Vincent,
>   I'm glad other people have tried to address this in a way other than
> writing shell scripts.  I started an ant-user thread ("Running junit
> tests that access EJBs") about unit-testing servers, but I didn't hear
> anything about the Ant tasks written for Cactus.
>   The Cactus "runservertests" task looks more flexible in that it can
> refer back to arbitrary Ant tasks for starting, stopping, and testing.
> I also like that it tests the URL to decide whether the server is up yet
> (my thought was to filter the server output for "Weblogic Server
> started", but I haven't gotten to that).  The "wlunit" task I wrote is
> obviously more ad hoc, just focusing on JUnit and WebLogic.  But it is
> simpler in that the task itself creates and waits for the server
> process, rather than launching other threads.  This might be a more
> reliable approach, since it insures that the server process really
> ended.
>   I don't know which is more Ant-like: a task that re-uses other Ant
> tasks, or a task that encapsulates the setup and interaction with other
> processes.
>   Are the Ant extensions for Cactus available separately as a
> sub-project?  I can always download Cactus, or just fetch individual
> sources from the web, but it would be nice if there's a package I could
> download and try out.

If you download the Cactus distribution, there is a commons-cactus-ant.jar
that contains the Ant tasks, separate from the rest.

>   Anyway, thanks for the tip!

No problemo !

> Jim Doyle

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