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From Andreas Gruenhagen <>
Subject Ant and java_cup
Date Thu, 10 May 2001 16:56:57 GMT
I tried to use the parser-generator in my ant-build-File.
But it does not work:
The target looks like:

 <target name="parser"  depends="init">
	<java classname="java_cup.Main" dir="de/TUM/RTS/Parser">
      <arg value=" &lt; functionParser.cup" />

But when I run ant I get:

Unrecognized option " < functionParser.cup"
Usage: java_cup [options]
  and expects a specification file on standard input.
  Legal options include:
    -package name  specify package generated classes go in [default none]   

I think, the problem in this case is: '<' is some kind of a shell command and 
ant does not run whith in a shell. Therefor: How can I echo a file  into stdin
while running ant ?



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