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From "William Surowiec" <>
Subject junit and log4j within ant
Date Fri, 04 May 2001 21:06:41 GMT

I've searched about 3,000+ emails from this support group and have not found information on
the following:

I am using ant 1.3 beta 3, junit3.6, log4j 1.0.4, and jedit 3.1 final (maybe something in
the mix is acting up).

Anyway, I can use the java task to invoke an app and pass to it a configuration file for log4j.
Everything behaves as I expect.

When I try to use a junit task to actually run the tests I am running in the java task - some
wheels seem to fall off. First, I do
not see how I can pass an arg value (the config file for log4j) to the class under test.

More importantly, when I try to pass the value by coding it within the class it seems I cannot
create an "appender" (this is an
output handler (as I understand it) within log4j).

Is there something very basic I've missed? Any pointers (hopefully not too barbed) welcomed.



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