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From "Thomas Singer" <>
Subject RE: JVC problem
Date Tue, 08 May 2001 08:28:11 GMT
I get following result when invoking jvc /?

Microsoft (R) Visual J++ Compiler Version 6.00.8343
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp 1996-1998. All rights reserved.

Usage: JVC [options] <filename>

 /cp <classpath> set class path for compilation
 /cp:p <path>    prepend path to class path
 /cp:o[-]        print classpath
 /d <directory>  root directory for class file output
 /D <symbol>     define conditional compilation symbol
 /g[-]           full debug information (g:l, g:d)
   /g:l[-]       generate line numbers <default=none>
   /g:t[-]       generate debug tables <default=none>
 /nologo         don't display the copyright banner
 /nowarn         turn off warnings <default=warn>
 /nowrite        compile only - do not generate class files
 /O[-]           full optimization (O:I,O:J)
   /O:I[-]       optimize by inlining <default=no opt>
   /O:J[-]       optimize bytecode jumps <default=no opt>
 /ref[-]         recompile referenced classes if out of date
 /verbose        print messages about compilation progress
 /w{0-4}         set warning level <default=2>
 /wx[-]          treat warnings as errors
 /x              disable extensions <default=extensions disabled>
 /x-             enable extensions  <default=extensions disabled>

Ok, it's another version number, but your mentioned commands it should


|-----Original Message-----
|From: Nico Seessle []
|Sent: Monday, May 07, 2001 9:33 PM
|Subject: Re: JVC problem
|----- Original Message -----
|From: "Thomas Singer" <>
|To: <>
|Sent: Monday, May 07, 2001 12:10 PM
|Subject: JVC problem
|> Hello,
|> I tried to use the ant 1.3 with jvc and get following exception when
|> executing:
|> JVC (from our J++ installation; please, don't blame me!) is
|in the path,
|> could be run on the command line. Ant itself is setup
|corrently, because
|> works nice with SUNs Jdk1.3.
|I just tried it with the jvc-compiler from the VJ++ installation and it
|works for me (before I always used the jvc.exe included with
|Microsofts "SDK
|for Java"). I used "Microsoft (R) Visual J++ Compiler Version
|6.00.8424" -
|what is your version? Maybe it does not understand one of the
|command line
|arguments? (/x-, /nologo or /nomessage) - they should all be
|printed if you
|execute "jvc /?".
|> What's wrong? Why there something is told about jikes in the
|It's just the temporary file which is named "jikes-*.tmp".

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