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From Christopher Abbey <>
Subject Re: [Jikes] Assertion failed - lookup.cpp, line 284
Date Thu, 05 Apr 2001 14:14:07 GMT
Today, Sing HU wrote:
> When I try to compile a project using ant 1.3 and jikes 1.12 on Windows NT my "BUILD
FAILED". However when switching the compiler to
> use Javac ( JDK 1.3 - classic ) the "BUILD SUCCEEDED". The problem is
> coming from Jikes and is due to an assertion failure in lookup.cpp. I
> can't find any references in the mail archives.

hmmm... I'm not sure which mail archives you were looking in, but this is
a well known and discussed jikes bug... we just recently got a testcase
for it and some preliminary analysis has begun. The bug you'll want to 
monitor is number 406:

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  unexpected new ally -

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