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Subject RE: unix redirection - how do you specify input files?
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2001 13:34:20 GMT
Thanks to both for the suggestions, however I'm looking for something
that's done within Ant, so I can be cross-platform and avoid any extra
maintenance cost of external files. (Yes, I know of various sh-utils for
Windows, but I don't want to ask users to have to install them, etc.)

The right solution for now will be to see if we can beat the original
tool's command line into submission and just accept normal command line
arguments.  It's not worth the effort (or maintenance) for me now to do a
custom Ant task, and anyway IMO that's not really a 'best practice' to rely
on specific tools that have to use stdin or stdout specifically.

- Shane

--- Dana Rice <> wrote:
> You can put your redirection etc. in a script and have ant call that.
> Worked for me.

---- you Diane Holt <> wrote ----
> Or, if it's a simple one-liner, you can <exec> "sh -c ..."

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