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From "William Huang" <>
Subject vssget error!!!
Date Thu, 19 Apr 2001 19:28:55 GMT
I am getting a vssget error using ant.

I have all the setting correct, I assumed.

my build.xml file:


<project name="TestVSS" default="getsrc" basedir=".">

<target name="getsrc">

<vssget localPath="." recursive="true" vsspath="/vssproject/src" writable="false" />


<target name="compile" depends="TssVSS">





when I execute ant, it gets all the files in the project. But at the end it display a error

Like this:




[vssget] ......




D:\localdir\src\build.xml:3: Failed executing: ss Get $/vssproject/src -GLD:\localdir\src
-I- -R


Once it failed, it will not go next target.

Do you know why is displaying this FAILED message even though it retrieve the vss files?

Thanks Will

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