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From "K Plummer" <>
Subject RE: Ant 1.2 javac classpath and classpath reference problems(DAH!)
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2001 01:50:39 GMT
Thanks for the help.

Dah, IB STUPID! Turns out that I had this inserted into my build file...
<path id="project.class.path">
somwhere after the snipet here! Gosh, can't believe I brain faded.... Geesh!
Once I started checking out my build.xml in response to your message, I
found it.
Now it works

BTW, how much is ANT 1.3 going to break our build.xml which uses ANT 1.2
(ANT 1.1->ANT 1.2
was painful for us!)

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From: Nico Seessle []
Sent: Sunday, April 22, 2001 1:00 AM
Subject: Re: Ant 1.2 javac classpath and classpath reference problems.

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From: "K Plummer" <>
To: <>
Sent: Sunday, April 22, 2001 3:50 AM
Subject: RE: Ant 1.2 javac classpath and classpath reference problems.

> Okay, here are the snippets of my build.xml and the output from ant
> <<<build.xml>>>
>   <path id="project.class.path">
>     <pathelement location="${javaHome}/lib/tools/jar" />
>     <pathelement location="${weblogicHome}/lib/weblogicaux.jar" />
>     <pathelement location="${weblogicHome}/license" />
>     <pathelement location="${weblogicHome}/classes" />
>     <pathelement location="${sybaseHome}/${sybaseJar}" />
>     <pathelement location="${armHome}/${armJar}" />
>     <pathelement location="${classes}" />
>   </path>


> The java.ejb.* package is MOST definitely contained within the
> weblogicaux.jar; No doubt about it.
> Note that classpath as passed to the javac task DOES NOT MATCH the path
> specified in the class path
> reference in any way whatsoever?

Ok, looks quite good so far. Are you sure the properties you use to build
your classpath are defined before Ant tries to build this classpath? There
should be a property-task above the path-definition or you must pass the
values on the command line. I tried something similar with Ant 1.2 and it

> ALSO: How do I get ant to supress the use of the value of
> (picked up from the CLASSPATH
> in the OS?). The classpath passed to the javac ant task maps to the
> CLASSPATH (${java.class.path} with the
> ${classes} and current ("build") directory prepended to it........Still
> mostly confused.

With Ant 1.3 you can define a property "build.sysclasspath" and set its
value to "ignore" to do exactly that. There is no solution for Ant 1.2 I
know of.


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