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From "John Fisher" <>
Subject Symbolic Links recursion
Date Wed, 25 Apr 2001 18:13:04 GMT

Hi folks-

I'm new to Ant, and particularly liking what I see so far. I would very much
like to use Ant to solve some problems in our particular environment.
Unfortunately, we are maintaining our Java code in Rational's Apex (we do a
lot of Ada here too). As such, Apex likes to liter its directory structure
with symbolic links pointing to other parts of the system. I played around
with the 'excludes' tag, but I couldn't come up with a combination that
works. I'm suspecting that symbolic links are followed, even though the
exclusion pattern is already matched. Am I correct?

Browsing through ant-user and ant-dev, it looks like a patch was suggested
at one time to solve this, but was rejected. If I can turn off the following
of symbolic links entirely I'd be happy. Even better, if the exclusion
patterns I entered actually shorted-circuted the recursive directory

Do I have any options here?


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