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From "Garcia, Gilles" <>
Subject build order
Date Wed, 04 Apr 2001 18:38:33 GMT

1) When Ant is run with ** to traverse a complete tree and if we assume
that a.class depends on b.class which in turn depends on c.class:

(a.class) <------- (b.class) <------- (c.class)

what happens if I run Ant after modifying c.class ?

2) javac itself, I understand, does not recompile b.class if I run
       javac -depend a.class
is this correct ?

3) Is it Ant which make the time stamp comparison between .java sources and
their corresponding .class files in order to determine what to pass javac
 re-compilation, or is it javac internally which does that?

Thank you in advance for your informative help

G. Garcia

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