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From Daniel Hoppe <>
Subject Copy files up one folder
Date Sun, 01 Apr 2001 10:41:24 GMT

I guess what I'm trying to do must be quite standard, but I did not figure
out how to do it yet...

In my project I have lot's of configuration files, deployment descriptors
etc. which contain deployment specific tokens. I keep these files in a
sub-folder called ant-templates on different places in the source tree, e.g.


When building the project, I want to copy all xml files from the
ant-templates folders to the next higher folder in the source tree and
replace the tokens. I think that something like this snippet should work,
but I don't know how to set a 'todir' which is relative to each of the
occurrences found.

  <filter filtersfile="" />
  <copy todir="???" filtering="true" overwrite="true"
    <fileset dir="src" >
	<include name="**/ant-templates/*.xml" />

My first thought, todir=".." did of course not work, as the todir is
relative to the basedir. 

Thanks for any help!


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