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From Tim Vernum <>
Subject RE: Apologies for HTML mails...
Date Sun, 22 Apr 2001 06:01:46 GMT

Stephane Bailliez wrote:

> From: Jon Skeet []

>> Apologies to all for the HTML mailings. As far as I can tell, 
>> this *should* be in plain text - I'm setting everything I can find 
>> to treat it as plain text. If it still comes out in HTML I'll 
>> ask my sysadmin to have a look at the server side. 
>> (If anyone knows anything about Outlook/Exchange and how to ensure 
>> mails come out in plain text, do let me know. My format clearly 
>> states "Plain Text" but that didn't seem to help with the previous 
>> ones...) 
>> Jon 

> See

I have the same bug, but convincing the mail admins to fix it hasn't
bee successful so far.

What I have found to work, is that if you send to an address from your
address book, and the entry in the address book is marked to send in
uuencode format, then it works.

That means that everytime I send a mail to the list, I have to remember
to change the "To" so that it references the address book, and gets it

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