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From "Peterson, Lance" <>
Subject RE: pulling out the code from SourceSafe
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2001 17:32:10 GMT
Pinar, this is what you put in your original post about the getcode target

<target name="getcode">
        <echo message="getting latest code from the Source Safe..."/>
 <vssget vsspath="/assetplanner/Engineering/dev/java"
         login="pbicioglu, pinar"
  ssdir="D:\ProgramFiles\MicrosoftVisualStudio\VSS\win32" />

>From this it looks like the value for ssdir doesn't have any spaces.  Please
verify that your build.xml has the correct path for SS.EXE.  Please note
that by default SourceSafe 6.0 installs to \Program Files\Microsoft Visual
Studio\Common\VSS\Win32 (note the "Common").

Regarding your getcode-compile issue, the syntax for running Ant is...

ant [options] [target [target2 [target3] ...]]

I've never heard of being able to specify "target-compile" instead of
"target".  If I have the following build.xml file...

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<project name="testing">
  <target name="test1">
    <echo message="Test #1"/>
  <target name="test2">
    <echo message="Test #2"/>

...and I want to run both tests, I'd execute the following:

ant test1 test2

This tells ant to execute the targets named "test1" and "test2".  When I try
to execute "ant test1-compile test2-compile" ant tells me "test1-compile"
doesn't exist, which is correct.  Are you sure you don't have a target named
"asi-compile" instead of "asi"?

Best regards,
Lance Peterson

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