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From Pinar Bicioglu <>
Subject RE: FW: Can't find the files
Date Fri, 06 Apr 2001 16:07:17 GMT

-----Original Message-----
From: Diane Holt []
Sent: Friday, April 06, 2001 11:59 AM
Subject: Re: FW: Can't find the files

--- Pinar Bicioglu <> wrote:
> :) Not really. I have been still working on that. I made a properties
> file containing 
> <property name="Java122Classes"
> value="${jdk122root}/jdk1.2.2/jre/lib/rt.jar" />\
> <property name="Java118Classes"
> value="${jdk118root}/jdk1.1.8/lib/" />
> then I added the <properties name=""/> line on the top
> of my build.xml file. But it still not working. I also tried Nico's and
> Anuj's suggestions but no result!! I think I am messing something up
> here!

You would read in a properties file called using the file
attribute, not the name attribute:

  <property file=""/>

You also need to set the "jdk122root" and "jdk118root" properties to the
appropriate path. For example, if the JDK jars on your machine live in,
say, d:/java/tools, then you need to get the "jdk122root" and "jdk118root"
properties set to that before you run 'ant'. You can do that in a number
of different ways, and the way you choose depends on how you've designed
your build process. For now, just to get things working so you can at
least get past this hump, try just defining it on the 'ant' command line:

C:\> ant -Djdk122root=d:/java/tools -Djdk118root=d:/java/tools

substituting "d:/java/tools" for the actual path of where your two JDKs
live on your machine.



I used <property file=""/>. I just wrote it wrong. 

Ok, if I understand it right, if I set "jdk122root" and "jdk118root"
properties to the path where they live in in my computer then they again
depend on my machine. Let's say that I save them in drive C in my computer,
and another user save them in drive D, if I set these properties to D path
in my build.xml file, it'll make a conflict. Am I rigth? 

So my problem is, JDKs in "my" build.xml file should be found in any user's
computer without making any adjustments. 

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