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From Rob van Oostrum <>
Subject nested property references
Date Wed, 25 Apr 2001 13:42:07 GMT
I'm able to set a parameter like this:

(this property defined in master build.xml file)

<property name="secondpart" value="some_component" />

(this property defined in component.xml, which is called by build.xml for
each component. The variable property names allow me to let developers
override specific properties for specific components without them needing to
go into the build scripts themselves every time they get a newer version of
these scripts from version control)

<property name="firstpart.${secondpart}" value="value" />

It works so far. I run into problems as soon as I need to reference the

${firstpart.some_component} works fine, but of course I don't know the value
of ${second_part}, so I try ${firstpart.${second_part}}, which doesn't work.
Any ideas what I need to do differently syntax-wise, or is this just


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