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From Fabian Mörchen <>
Subject Re: basedir attribute from project tag
Date Fri, 20 Apr 2001 19:27:41 GMT

just learned it from the list. ;)

i use this to get the JAVA_HOME variable:

  <property environment="env"/>

  <exec executable="gcc">
    <arg line="-I${env.JAVA_HOME}/include -I${env.JAVA_HOME}/include/linux"/>
    <arg line="-c ${src.dir}/de_mybytes_jam_Drive.c"/>
    <arg line="-o ${build.lib}/de_mybytes_jam_Drive.o"/>


Francisco Franco wrote:
> I need to assign a value to my basedir attribute in my project tag using a
> reference to an environmental variable.  I tried including a property task
> before my project tag but this did not work.  How can this be done and does
> anyone have some example code?
> Thanks,
> Francisco

Fabian Mörchen

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