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From Ronald Wildenberg <>
Subject Fork and OutOfMemoryException?
Date Thu, 19 Apr 2001 08:11:56 GMT

I have a Java task which forks a Java program such
that a different VM is used. However, ant is able to
mix its own output (i.e.: [java]) with the output from
the program.

Is it possible that a program returns that much logging
output that the VM in which ant runs, gives an

The reason I ask is that, using ant to run my program, I
get an OutOfMemoryException. However, regularly
printing memory information inside my programs reveals
no problems at all. I give the VM 160MB and 140MB is
still free when the exception occurs. Besides, I follow the
program via the generated log file and via a database.
The log file is far behind on the database, leading me to
think that some output buffer fills up inside the ant VM.
Could this be the cause for the exception?


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