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From "Lloyd H. Meinholz" <>
Subject chmod on dirs
Date Mon, 16 Apr 2001 19:56:15 GMT
Is it possible to use chmod to change directory permissions? From the
description of chmod in the manual, it appears to only work with files
and not directories. I am on Solaris. What I want to do is the
equivalent of "chmod -R g+w *". I know I can exec or change my umask,
but I would prefer not to if possible. Here's what I'm doing:

<chmod dir="${java.lib.dir}" perm="g+w"/>

Is there a variation of this to include java.lib.dir and it's
subdirectories in the chmod?

The reason I need to do this is that we have a development area that
more than one developer could be building into (not at the same time)
and the builds are failing if a developer isn't owner and the file and
dir group flags aren't +w. I don't want to change my umask because we do
more than just compile java on this particular host and exec'ing just
feels wrong.  It also seems to me that since chmod seems based on UNIX
chmod, it should behave like UNIX chmod and let me change dir
permissions. :)

Thanks for any help/advice.


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