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From Fred Welland <>
Subject Suggestions or How To
Date Thu, 12 Apr 2001 12:31:51 GMT

I have been using ANT for a while and have an intermediate working
knowledge of ANT.  This is would I would like to do.

iPlanet AppServer 6sp2 (iAS)
WinNT / Solaris
ANT 1.3 March 2 2001
Various JDKs but mainly 1.22 and 1.3

During hardcore development I would like to use a target that would
refresh changed files in my EJBs/WARs/EARs (assume stub compliation is
not needed).  For example,  I know the 'unravled' filesystem structure
after an EAR deployment in iAS and I have my source/classes file
structure.  I would like a target 'refresh' that would do a delta
between matching named files in my (compiled) classes dir (and jsp dir)
and the deploye iAS area - and update files as needed.

Any ideas as to how to build such a target?  I would perfer not to do a
bulk replace of everthing.  I don't mind if this is an NT only solution,
since dev is on NT and production is on  Solaris - and we wouldn't need
this target much on solaris.  Also, our dev tress are always on the same
drive/device as the iPlanet deploy area (i.e. no FTP/rcp needed).

Thanks in advance for any hints.


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