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From "Magnus Rosenquist,,," <>
Subject Exec problems
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2001 07:40:52 GMT
Hi folks,

I have some problems with the exec tag,
I have successfully used it with native commands
such as 'ls', 'mkdir' etc... But when it comes
to me using a shell-script this fails.

The tag looks like this:

<target name="ejb">
    <exec executable="/usr/local/bin/" os="Linux">
      <arg value="1"/>
      <arg value="2"/>

When I run ant with ejb as the target I get the following
Buildfile: build.xml

      [exec] Result: 255


Total time: 3 seconds

The result is '255' and the script is never executed,
the script just echoes the arguments to a file.

Above the full path to the script is defined, I have
also tried with adding the script to my PATH but with
the same problem...The script is executable and runs
perfectly from the prompt.

Does anybody have any ideas what this might mean and
a way around it?


Magnus Rosenquist
Mobile Mind AB
+46 (0)63 57 48 88     (Phone)
+46 (0)702 69 41 72    (Mobile)

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