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From Peter Donald <>
Subject RE: localclasspath
Date Mon, 30 Apr 2001 08:20:05 GMT
At 08:53  30/4/01 +0100, wrote:
>I've tried to run ant including xerces in the classpath but it falls over.
>Removing xerces enables ant to run, but now javac is being executed with the
>wrong jars in the classpath.

Right - It is not surprising it falls over - I am surprised it run at all -
you currently have


in your classpath. Adding yet another parser in in bound to be painful. And
this is assuming your ext dirs are clean aswell. Which is why I said

>Long story short - NEVER under ANY circumstances have two versions of same
>libraries in classpath. Doing so can lead to odd issues everywhere ;) I
>highly recomend you throw away jaxp/parser.jar and place xerces.jar in

Thus I recomend you do

mv xerces.jar /hfx/home/develop/srtre/ss/jakarta-ant-1.3/lib/
rm /hfx/home/develop/srtre/ss/jakarta-ant-1.3/lib/jaxp.jar
rm /hfx/home/develop/srtre/ss/jakarta-ant-1.3/lib/parser.jar

and also consider deleting xml4j.jar aswell. If you can't delete that then
you will need to go read the docs on javac and look at how to get rid of
that (hint look for attributes ignore*Runtime).



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